Academic Information

1.1 Orientation

On your first day at Bristol you will receive an orientation. The Orientation will cover important information about studying in BA and the rules and regulations of your Centre.

1.2 Attendance Policy

  • We want you to get the maximum benefit from your course and you should attend all your classes every day.
  • You may fail the level if you have a total of more than 5 absences.

You are expected to be on time for class every day.

  • If you arrive to class more than 15 minutes late, or miss more than 15 minutes of class, you will be marked Absent and will not be permitted to enter the classroom.
  • If you arrive to class after the start but within the first 15 minutes of class, you will be marked LATE. Note: 4 LATE marks = 1 absence

1.3 Evaluation and Examination

Each level of the Intensive English programme runs on a four-week session.

  • Students in all levels, are evaluated through ongoing assessments.
  • Students in all levels, exit and non-exit levels, are required to sit for the exams.

1.4 Final Examination

  • The exam is held on the final day of the session. The final exam is an important test and will be 50%. You must pass your final exam with a minimum required score in order to pass the level.
  • All students are expected to take their final exams with the rest of their class. If you miss your final exam, and do not have a note from a doctor explaining your absence, you will not be allowed to make up the exam and will receive a zero (0.0) on the test.

1.5 Grading

The following grading criteria will contribute towards your final result:

  • Final exam 50%
  • Midterm exam 30%
  • Attendance 10%
  • Participation/Homework 10%

Marks are awarded on a percentage basis as follows:

  • Pass with Distinction 85% – 100%
  • Pass 70% – 84%
  • Border pass 60% – 69%
  • Repeat 0% – 59%
  • Incomplete X*

* Incomplete means the student has failed to meet the minimum attendance requirement to pass the course or has not completed one or both of the exams.

To pass a level you need to:

  • Score 50% on both the midterm and the final exam.
  • Fulfil the 80% attendance requirement.

1.6 Progress Report

The Progress Report that BA provides indicates your name, percentage of attendance and highest level successfully completed. It also reports your specific language skills level in all areas.

1.7 Certificates
Certificates are awarded to students who have completed exit levels

  • Certificate of Proficiency
    This is awarded to students who have demonstrated superior academic performance and obtain 85% or more.
  • Certificate of Promotion
    This certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed a level of the Intensive English Programme (Beginner to  Advanced).
  • Certificate of Attendance
    Students who have attended 75% of their classes but do not complete the course or attend courses that are not part of the Intensive English Programme. This certificate is also awarded to all students upon request at the end of their period of study at BA Language Centres provided they have fulfilled the 75% attendance requirement.

1.8 Repeating a Level and Academic Probation
Learning a language is like learning any skill; you may not always learn everything at the same speed. Some things will be easier to learn than other things. Sometimes language learners reach a stage when their progress slows for a short time. While this may be disappointing, you should not let it discourage you, even If it means that you have to repeat a level. Your teachers and Academic Coordinator are eager to help you when you are having difficulty.

  • If a student must repeat a level, his teachers will help him understand exactly why he must repeat the level and show what he must improve in order to move to the next level.
  • If a student receives three boarder passes (69% – 70%), they may be required to repeat the previous level. A border pass indicates that a student is struggling. It is better to repeat the level to have a greater mastery than compound the issue by moving forward without a strong understanding.

We do not want students to have to repeat any level, but we understand that it may happen. You should understand this, too. However, there are things you can do to give yourself the best chance of succeeding. If you are having trouble in class, it is important to speak to your teacher, ask questions in class and ask your Academic Coordinator for help.

1.9 Level and Class Changes
If you feel the level you were assigned to be either too difficult or too easy and you would like to change levels, consult your teachers first. Your teachers will discuss your situations with the Academic Coordinator. Whether you can change your level will depend on the result of your placement test and your teachers in-class evaluation of your performance at your current level. No level changes will be approved after the end of the first week of class.

General Rules & Regulations

Bristol Academy practices a Speak English Only policy. A completely English-speaking environment is one of the best ways to improve your English language skills.

2.2 Attendance
A student centered approach to learning English requires full participation from students and this makes attendance in classes important. Students who miss more than 20% of the class without a valid reason will not be allowed to sit for the exam and their progress reports will record an Incomplete for the course.

2.3 Punctuality
Students are expected to be punctual for class. Late coming shows an indifferent approach to your studies and is also disruptive. Late comings will be considered absenteeism and this may affect your results.

2.4 Dress Code

  • All students are expected to dress appropriately while attending classes.
  • Shorts and sleeveless T-shirts are strictly prohibited for male students.
  • Miniskirts and body hugging outfits are not allowed for female students.
  • Slippers/flip-flops are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Dressing according to the cultural beliefs/values is respected but it must not be an obstruction to facial identification or in any way infringe on the social and cultural values and customs of the people of Malaysia.

2.5 Consumption of Food and Drinks
Food and drinks are not to be consumed in the classrooms, student lounge or computer lab.

2.6 Mobile Phones
Mobile (cell) phones are not allowed to be used in class or during lessons. Please switch off your phones or put them on silent mode. If you are expecting an urgent call or information please instruct the sender to send via SMS. In case of urgent personal matters (e.g. serious illness or death of close family members, ask your family to contact the school. The message will be passed on to the student immediately).

2.7 Illegal Demonstration
BA students are not allowed to participate in any illegal demonstration