It is our pleasure to welcome you to Bristol Academy. We hope to provide you with the necessary information about your privileges and responsibilities as a student.

Student Services

Learning English is an experience and can sometimes be a challenge. BA eases the experience through its wide offerings of student services. From university programme counselling to group excursions to exciting destinations around Malaysia, you can learn English everywhere and have fond memories of your time spent at BA.

The following student services are offered to all BA students:


Our counsellors offer a range of support services to meet your specific needs. When you first arrive at BA, they are available to assist you in settling in and advise you on cross cultural matters. They will also be your first point of contact for all non-academic issues. Whether you have a question about making an appointment with a doctor, finding a place to live, renewing your visa or any other matters, our counsellors will always be there to help you.

First Day Orientation

You will receive an orientation on your first day. You will be briefed on important information that will allow you to maximize your benefits during your studies and experience here.

Social Activities

We offer various outside-the-classroom social activities and outings to our students on a weekly basis. These include café conversation, bowling, archery, karaoke, movie night, food tasting, etc. Students state their interest on Monday, and the activity is carried out on Wednesday.

Bristol Academy focuses on providing a fun, communicative and conducive learning atmosphere that follows all the modern concepts of teaching and at the same time, ensures maximum quality.


Placement Services

Our student placement centre is linked with over 200 universities and colleges in Malaysia, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world. We guide students to help them in choosing the right programme and institution that caters to their needs. Our services include study guidance, counselling, application submission, enrolment, visa facilitation, translation of documents, university tours, etc.


Centre Facilities

Facilities at Bristol Academy include:

  • High-tech and clean classrooms with projectors
  • Computer lab with high speed internet connection
  • Library with various reading materials
  • Cafeteriawith a variety of meals at affordable prices
  • Prayer room for Muslim students
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the centre


Trips and Tours

If you are looking to travel during your holiday or just over the weekend, we can offers a variety of trips and tours to famous destinations in Malaysia. You can visit and tour the majestic Batu Caves or historical Melaka, and many more destinations throughout the country. Please see our counsellor if you wish to book a seat on these tours.

Accommodation and Airport Transfer

We are happy to arrange residential accommodation for all our students. Bristol Academy has access to a range of residential accommodation options, subject to availability, for all our students and working professionals. Staying in a residence gives you the opportunity to meet and live with students of other nationalities and become a part of your vibrant community which lives and learns together. We can also arrange transfer from KLIA to your accommodation.

University Pathways

BA offers students pathways to colleges and universities in Malaysia and around the globe. Achieve your tertiary education goals by making an appointment with our Study Waves counsellor to assist you in your admissions process. Don’t have a plan yet? The SW counsellors are also able to provide advice and guidance to choosing the right programme in the right institution. This is a free service provided to all BA students.

Visa and Immigration Support

Once we receive the above documents, health examination and payments, we then apply to EMGS for processing of the student visa. Processing time is six to eight weeks.  An approval letter is sent to the student once visa has been granted. Students must take the approval letter to the nearest Malaysian Embassy for Single Entry visa endorsement.

* Visa Applicants – All fees must be paid upon receiving the visa approval letter from Bristol Academy before arrival.

Health Examination and Medical Insurance

Upon arrival, students will be sent to a panel clinic for post medical screening.

Students are required to attend a medical screening in Malaysia within seven days from the entry date.
EMGS will not be able to initiate the process of Support Letter issuance for sticker endorsement purposes if international students fail to undergo the in-country Screening, as it is compulsory for all students entering Malaysia to study to have medical insurance coverage.


* For Visa Applicants – Medical Insurance purchased through EMGS only is acceptable for the purposes of the Department of Immigration.

Immigration Clearance & Airport Transfer

Immigration clearance is provided for free. Available Monday to Friday between 06:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs, excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Airport transfer is provided for MYR 300 / USD 75 per person. Available Monday to Friday from 06:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs. An additional MYR 100 / USD 25 will be charged if the arrival is after 22:00 hrs to 06:00 or on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Upon arrival, students who require immigration clearance should proceed to the students’ waiting area which is located before the immigration counters. Bristol friendly representative will facilitate the clearance of the student from the immigration at the airport.

* Visa Applicants – Students are required to fill in and submit the Arrival Service Form and a copy of their ticket at least seven days prior to their arrival. 


All books and materials are carefully selected and prepared by our experienced instructors/trainers. The curriculum selected will give students an enriching and complete learning experience. We ensure that we give all students the right tools needed to achieve their goals.