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  • Students must submit a complete registration form with all the required documents to obtain an offer letter from Bristol Academy.
  • Upon receiving the offer letter, students must sign and return a copy of the letter to Bristol Academy with an initial payment for processing of Visa Approval Letter (VAL).
  • The processing of VAL from EMGS takes between 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Once the VAL is approved, students are required to pay all the remainder of the fees for the programme, accommodation and airport transfer to receive the VAL from Bristol Academy.
  • Students must submit the VAL to the nearest Malaysian embassy to obtain a single-entry visa.
  • Students must submit a copy of flight ticket to Bristol Academy at least one week prior to arrival.
  • Bristol Academy will make the necessary arrangements for immigration clearance and airport transfer for students.
  • Within one week of arrival, students must do a post medical check-up in the nearest panel clinic.
  • Once the medical check-up is approved, students must submit their passport to Bristol Academy for visa sticker endorsement.