Study in Malaysia at Bristol Academy

Bristol Academy is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Our location strategically located facilities makes it easy to enjoys Kuala Lumpers world renowned shopping, food, culture, beaches, tropical jungles, wild life and more.
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Study in Malaysia at Bristol Academy

Bristol Academy is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Our location strategically located facilities makes it easy to enjoys Kuala Lumpers world renowned shopping, food, culture, beaches, tropical jungles, wild life and more.
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  Study IN Malaysia 

Malaysia is a great place to study, enjoy people, culture, and places.

Malaysia is known as a melting pot of cultures and religion which is blessed with a geographical landscape of natural beauty. Today, with its increasingly cosmopolitan business environment, Malaysia has become a choice destination for an overseas learning experience. Malaysia is currently the world’s 11th most preferred study destination. According to UNESCO, Malaysia has captured a 2% market share of international students in the fast growing private education sector. With a population of 27.9 million in 2009 and more than a million Malaysian students in tertiary education, Malaysia also accommodates more than 80,000 international students.
There is more than one Malaysia; there’s the modern, busy city life boasting the skyscraping Petronas KLCC Twin Towers, alongside that is the multicultural artistic Malaysia where its diverse ethnic community bring about numerous diverse and unique cuisines, festivals and customs, and there is also the untamed Malaysia; the amazing jungles and rainforests, beautiful mountains and caves, natural parks with rivers and ridges all perfect for that ultimate adventure.

 Enjoy The Culture 

Malaysia is truly a melting pot of cultures, and is home to Malays, Chinese and Indian cultures.  Each of these cultures is rich in heritage and offers tourist a fantastic opportunity to experience traditions that have remained unchanged for generations.

Each culture has its own delicious food, which is readily available through the country. The Malay’s are famous for Nasi Lemak, Nasi Dagang, Asam Laksa, and Nasi Goreng.  The Chinese are famous for Pan Mee, Char Keow Teo.  The Indians offer delicious Nasi Kandar, Mee Goreng, and Chapati.  There’s no wonder why Malaysia is a food lover’s paradise.

Visiting Malaysia is truely an enriching experiance for travelers and students.  It’s a great place to learn about culture and people.  Bristol Academy offers students activities that allow them to experiance all of the culture and food in Malaysia.

 Enjoy The Tourism 

Malaysia offers tourists a vast number of destinations and activities.  Go mountain climbing at Mount Kina Buru, snorkeling, island hopping or just sun bathing at world famous beaches at Langkawi, Redang, or Tioman islands.  Malaysia is also home to some of the most ancient rain forests in the world.

You can literally spend months and possibly years visiting all of the extradentary places in Malaysia.  For convenience, you can plan your trip by categorizing actives by either state or by direction.  As the North offers great food and beaches and Jungle trekking in the states of Penang, Kedah, Perlis, and Perak.

The West coast is famous for the tea plantation of Cameron Highlands.  The East Cost offers spectacular beaches in Kedah, and Terengganu.  The south offers its own unique activities in Malacca and Johor.

 Enjoy The Adventure 

In addition to site seeing and sun bathing Malaysia is also a place where you can be active.  You can go sky diving, rent an airplane or helicopter, go river rafting or deep-sea fishing.  If your still game, you can also climb mountains, camp in the jungle, ride an elephant, snorkel in a pristine tropical reef.

There’s so many things to do in Malaysia that you can spend many days researching the many activities that you can participate in when visiting Malaysia.

Bristol Academy is a great place for adventure, whether your site seeing or learning to speak English.   Contact our Staff to learn more about all the fun things you can experiance when visting.

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Study At Bristol Academy Malaysia

Have fun learning English at Bristol Academy, You'll enjoy the Adventure!
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Study At Bristol Academy Malaysia

Have fun learning English at Bristol Academy, You'll enjoy the Adventure!
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The country experiences tropical weather year-round. Temperatures range from 21C (70F) to 32C (90F).
Higher elevations are much colder with temperatures between 15C (59F) to 25C (77F).
Annual rainfall varies from 2,000mm to 2,500mm. However, the wettest parts of Malaysia could well be the hill slopes of Sarawak’s inland areas, which receive a mean annual rainfall exceeding 5,000mm.
You can find cuisine from many parts of the world in Malaysia, be it Malay, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Middle-Eastern or Western. Whether you are in an urban or rural area, you will be able to walk out and get food at any time of the day or night.

International fast-food outlets such as KFC, McDonalds, Carls Jr., Dominos Pizza etc., are also found in all major cities and most towns, even small towns. Amongst the locals, open-air hawker stalls and food courts are most favorable. You can find food courts in every mall in the country.

Malaysia offers a wide range of shopping choices, from Western style malls and boutique shops carrying the latest electronics goods, household items, and fashion labels to local neighborhood night markets or as the locals call it pasar malam, with a wide variety of goods, including fresh food, clothing, toys, tools and furnishings. Prices are usually considerably lower in the night markets when compared with the malls and shops.
Malaysia has an internationally linked banking and financial services sector, this includes the Islamic banking services. The ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) allows you to withdraw money using your credit cards, or ATM cards that are PLUS and Cirrus affiliated. All major shopping malls and large restaurants in Malaysia accept credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

If you are a full time student with a valid student visa, you can choose to open an account in Malaysia. Contact your counsellor regarding this matter for assistance.

We provide all types of accommodation depending on your preference. Rent varies depending on the type and location of the accommodation. Students are required to pay a deposit of two and half months + one month rental in advance. Utilities like electricity and water bills are charged based on usage. For more information about room availability and prices please contact our friendly counsellors.

You are strongly advised to complete applications for accommodation and submit them before receiving your Visa approval.

During your stay you will have access to common living area within the household and all facilities located in the condominium. All accommodation units are fully furnished.
We provide 3 categories of accommodation to suit different budget needs.

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